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  • How do I book with you?
    There is a link on the top of this page that says "book appointment". That will link you to my booking website!
  • Are you accepting new clients?
  • Where are you located?
    I work at the cutest little studio in downtown Fresno called Chromatic Studio. The address is 1805 Broadway Street, Fresno CA 93721.
  • Where can I see your services?
    If you click the book appointment link, you will be able to see on my booking site exactly which beauty services I provide.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I totally understand the importance of your time. I hope for that same respect of mine as well as to my other clients. All appointments require a deposit upon booking. Cancellations and reschedules less than 48 hours do not receive their deposits back. Deposits can only be transferred to a future date if done so prior to 48 hours of original booking. No call/ no shows will not be booked again. If you are more than 15 minutes late I MAY have to cancel you and the deposit will not be refunded or transferred. I understand emergencies may happen but understand my income is in direct correlation to my appointments. If I do not have an appointment, I do not make any income. Any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you for understanding.
  • What are your prices?
    Prices vary depending on your current hair color, previous color history, length, thickness, health and desired color. Its hard to give a direct price without knowing that information, and even then so unexpected things may arrise at your appointment if you have previous color which can result in added pricing. No two heads are the same which means everyone has a custom service created especially for them in order to achieve the desired result. My service list on my booking site will have general " estimates" for the service requested. If you would like to know prior to booking you can contact me directly and send me that information for a more personalized "estimate".
  • What payments do you accept?
    Cash, Apple-Pay, Venmo, Cash-App, Pay-Pal, and Cards are processed through my Square reader. No personal checks. Special financing may be available to eligible card users.
  • Can I bring people with me to my appointment?
    Here at Chromatic studio, we want the enviornment to be comfortable and relaxing. We want all space to be used for our staff and clients only. For comfort and safety reasons please do NOT bring others with you to your appointment.
  • How long do appointments take?
    This will vary depending on the type of service you get. On my booking site there will be estimates under each service. Most hair cuts can take 30-60 minutes. Colors can take 2-4 hours. It is important to notify me prior of time restraints. Please allow for ample time so we can make sure all of your needs are met without any rush.
  • How long have you been doing hair?
    Well, I've played with my own as well as friends since I was 14 haha. I went to the Milan Institute of Cosmetology and graduated in September of 2011. I received my license in May of 2012. I have been professionally working at Salon Euphoria since June of 2014.
  • How do I know when you get a cancellation?
    They honestly could be at any time. All clients will receive reminders a week prior to their scheduled date. So your best bet would be to check in a week prior to the date you desire. Or you can contact me.
  • Do you take weekend appointments?
    Unfortunately no. I have been blessed to haved a large enough clientele so that I can finally retire from working weekends so that I too can spend time with my family. Thank you for understanding!
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